Conscious Living Earth Expo November 20-21

Conscious Living Expo and New Earth Festival  is Perth’s premier  showcase for an  environmentally sustainable and healthy future for people and planet Earth.   The Expo takes place at the University of Western Australia as part of a larger public event to inspire positive action on climate change and to bring new vision, new hope and new potential for everyone.  This  event is a collaboration with the leading exponents of sustainability in building, transport, food and farming, mental health and wellbeing, business and the new economy, indigenous and spiritual wisdom, conservation and youth.

As Australia experiences the ravages of drought, fires and floods as a consequence of global warming induced climate change  it is time to for action and community engagement .   In the beautiful natural grounds of the University of WA , individuals and families, business people,  educational institutions, government bodies, scientists and academics  and community organizations will gather to connect and enjoy learning  about conservation and sustainable solutions that will make a diference.  It is the perfect place to launch new products, present new ideas and technologies, demonstrate services and sell products and services that contribute to more sustainable ways of living in harmony with nature.

This is an event that will ignite engagement, opportunities and growth for everyone involved.

Who is invited?

Businesses, health and wellbeing practitioners, authors, artists,  not for profit organizations, community groups, government bodies,  schools and educational institutions  who  are creating  positive change to create a healthier and environmentally sustainable world

This event embodies a new way of sharing energetically your talents and abilities and engaging positively with the people who are participating over the  2 days.