Speaker Platform

Speaker at Conference and Presentation

 Engage  the Expo Visitor Audience

The Benefits

  • Present to a live audience and engage visitors .
  • Be featured in the mass circulation print and digital program 15,000 programs are circulated in Perth . Your presentation is featured in the Print and Digital Program and your  image, bio and presentation are featured in the Speakers Section on the Expo website.
  • Engage the Living Well Radio audience with an in-depth interview where you can present your personal and business profile $300 + gst
  • Brand your business message on the website and on the Main Stage Screen at the Expo! $225 + gst
  • Boost your  Social Media profile – Your talk/  seminar/workshop is shared in Facebook posts  with our 7,800 + Facebook followers and our affiliate partners’ social media with a reach of 50,000 + FREE
  • e Newsletter – Promotion  Your seminar/workshop  is  publicized  in  the Magazine and Expo E newsletters sent  to 8000 + recipients FREE
  • Have  your presentation filmed at the Expo and professionally edited $300 + gst .

Speaker Options

• 20 minute  talk or demo on the Main Stage – Seating up to 100 people  $125

• 20 minute talk/demo/performance on the Main Stage seating 100 people  $125

• 45/50 minute  Keynote Seminar or Workshop in the Talks  Theatre  Seating 120 people . Your event is ticketed on Humanitix  and you receive the contact details of the registered participants . $225

• 45 minute experiential meditation/yoga /session in  the Sound Temple a sound proofed room seating up to 80 people. $125

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