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Come and see Tony and Julie at Booth 15

Julie and Tony are gifted spiritual entrepreneurs whose metaphysical adventures guided them from the Central Desert of Uluru to the southeast town of Denmark to open their business, ‘The Sacred Tree’ – Co-Creating their vision.  Tony also offers Universal Shamanic Workshops, Usui Reiki Workshops all levels, Psychic Development etc. Aura Photography also available in the shop.

Julie was inspired to take up playing the Native American style Flute and she now sells the flutes and conducts workshops on How to Play.


Tony will be providing these sessions at the Expo

New Paradigm Healing – The Auric Shields permanently ground the person and give lifelong protection.  1 hour

DNA Activation – Tony will journey to the upper world 8th dimension Arcturian Temple to bring back the Essence of all your chakras above you.

1 hour

Clairvoyant Readings – Tony will Channel from Source and relay information that is necessary for your journey and transformation. He can interpret your Aura or lifeforce.  1 hour

Shamanic Soul Retrieval – Restores your voice, confidence giving you clarity. Overcomes anxiety including despair. Includes 6 pages of Tony’s experiences on your behalf. He does this by overcoming your worse past life mirrored lifetime.  Bookings essential after Expo



About Julie Norgrove

Julie’s journey with the Native American Style Flute came from a Dream.  She was sitting high atop a mountain ridge in the desert looking into a valley of red rocks.  An Eagle was flying high above.  She began to play a Flute that magically appeared at her feet.  The sound was reverberating in the valley below and in her mind.  Julie knew this was the ‘Beginning’ of a new journey for her  life.  The Eagles’ high pitched call woke her and she sat up in bed and re-called her experience on the mountains edge.  Julie then searched and bought her first ‘Gm’ Flute and taught herself to play.  Julie has made 2 C.D.’s, had lessons with and played with Mary Youngblood, Mark Holland, Johhny Lipford, played at various Fairs and Events…in Australia and Overseas…..taught hundreds of people, including a deaf gentleman, but mainly she  just ‘Loves’ playing the Flute.

Julie will have a  range of Native American Style Flutes made by a Chickasaw Heritage Indian Flute Maker.  She will have single flutes and drone flutes available in various woods and keys.

Also some Beginners flutes, made from exquisite top quality, eastern red cedar.  These flutes use one piece drilled construction method. The concert flutes have a gold anodized nest under the bird. The nest enhances the performance by giving you a really alive present voice. The prices start at $110 for the beginner flutes.

Also C.D.’s, How to Play Books, Flute Bags, Drum Bags, Drums, Navajo Dreamcatchers and Rattles.

Flute lessons will be available after the Expo.

All products are guaranteed for workmanship and quality.

For more information go to or send an email .   Call 08 9848 3360 or 0419 107 333

to make an appointment.